The Folk Ensemble SNUTKI was founded in 1984 at the Primary School in Potarzyca on the initiative Aleksandra Mendelska, the teacher at the school. The name of the ensemble is derived from the name of the white hand-made embroidery practiced mostly in Golina, a village near Potarzyca.


At the beginning the ensemble was just a special interest club at the school. In 1996 the ensemble SNUTKI was awarded the first honourable mention in the contests called “Barwy Przyjaźni” (Colours of Friendship) in Kalisz. In the following years the ensemble took part in a great number of provincial contests and festivals and on many occasions it was awarded the first prizes. In the years 1989-1994 the ensemble was the winner of the Folk Festival in the Province of Kalisz. In 1991 the ensemble was given the cup of the Schools Superintendent in Kalisz. In 1992 the ensemble SNUTKI won its first prize at the International Meeting of Children’s and Youth Folk Groups “Kraków 92”. The following years brought prizes at the all-Poland Meeting of Children’s Folk Ensembles in Skierniewice. In 2001 the ensemble represented the Province of Wielkopolska at the 2nd Presidential Harvest Festival in Spała. The ensemble won the silver medal in 2002 and the gold medal in 2003 at the Festival of South-West Wielkopolska Region Culture. In 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009 the ensemble was awarded the honorouble mentions at the Provincial Folk Festivals in Nowy Tomysl, Pobiedziska and Gniezno. In October 2007, the children’s group won a main prize at the XV Children’s Folk Festival “Children in Folklore” at a country level in Baranow Sandomierski. In September 2008 the teenager’s group won a main prize at XXII Festival of School Teenagers Culture in Zakopane at a country level.

In the months from June to October 2019 Greater Poland complete costumes for women and men, women’s caps and men’s hats and stage shoes for all team members were purchased. These purchases were subsidised by the National Centre for Culture under the programme EtnoPolska 2019. The own funds required for this task were covered by the Jarocin Commune.

The members of the ensemble are the children and the young people from almost the whole area of Jarocin. At the moment the ensemble consists of three dancing groups and a folk band (a accordion, a violin, a trumpet, a double bass and a drum) and a group of bagpipers.


In 1996 the parents of the children performing in the ensemble founded the Association of Folk Culture Lovers that has had the ensemble under its wing. The ensemble’s activities are also subsidised from the budgets of the Commune of Jarocin and the District of Jarocin.

Powiatu Jarocińskiego.